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 SpyEar Super Sensitive Micro Sound Grabbing Microphone w/ 5~50x Amplification Power

Add Super Sound Pick-up Capability to your Voice recorders, PC, or Laptop
Perfect companion to field reporters & professional camera men
Omni-directional sound receiving technology to grab sound all directions evenly

A Must-Have gadget for professors, teachers, doctors, college students, sales managers,
corp. directors, architectures, and all who attend seminars and lectures regularly and need to record it.

 Cool Tech Gadget Present & Turn your existing audio devices into Super Hearing Aid Gadget


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 Special 10ft ( 3M) Shielded Connection Cable Unit for Remote Recording (Included)

It will catch all cooling fan sound coming from inside PC case if Microphone is plugged in directly to PC


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SpyEar Ultra High Sensitive Mini Microphone Kit

Receiving Sensitivity

-23 3dB

Noise Level Examples

Near Silence: 0dB / Whispering Sound: 15dB / Normal Conversation: 60dB
Lawn Mower: 90dB / Automobile Honk: 110dB / Rock Concert: 120dB / Explosion: 140dB

Frequency Band

50Hz ~ 18,000Hz

Amplification Power

5 ~ 50x

Power Input

No Power required 

Mic. Type


Plug Type

3.5mm Stereo


9mm x L34mm


Any type of voice recorders, PC, laptop, camcorder, or media device that has 3.5mm mic-in jack.

Parts Included

SpyEar Microphone, PC Connection Cable Adapter Kit, Noise Reduction Windscreen Cover

Operating Temp

-10C ~ 45C (5F ~ 113F)

Parts Included

SpyEar Microphone, Remote Wired Adapter w/ 10ft Special Shielded Cable, Noise Reduction Windscreen Cover


As with all our "sound enhancing" products, this unit is not designed or to be used to surreptitiously intercept oral communication. Use for this purpose seriously violates federal laws


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