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Thank you for choosing E.S. Cam dba EZspyCam…

EZspyCam is a fast growing online supplier of various video security equipments and spy surveillance gears including wireless CCTV video cameras, wireless video audio transmitter & receivers, security video cameras, GPS navigation systems, spy audio recorders, network IP night vision cameras, DVR, and portable video recording gadgets, portable digital voice recorders, video converters, AD/DC power adapters, cable connectors, alarm triggers, motion detectors, PTZ video cameras, speed dome cameras, covert hidden micro cameras, invisible IR cameras, 950nm invisible IR illuminators, micro bullet video cameras, underwater cameras, IR pipe inspection video systems, etc….

Over 10 years manufacturing & exporting various OEM & ODM CCTV cameras and video surveillance equipments for major CCTV distributors throughout the Asian and European countries, we clearly have learned that what the worldwide consumers demand and could not delay to expand our business in the huge potential market of US.

Our initial distribution began in Southern California and planned to open up further distribution centers in Central, Eastern, and East Southern US in order to provide prompt customer service and technical supports. Our goal is Pursue of Excellent in both products and services and we also value our customer relationship, which is why we provide competitively priced quality products and long-term support.

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